Superannuation salary sacrifice aka Additional employer super

Update: STP2 has changed this there is a video of how to transition to STP2 here:

This tutorial demonstrates how to process additional employer superannuation in Free Accounting Software.

Update: That legislation I was talking about in this video has now passed and you cannot reduce the compulsory super contribution because of a salary sacrifice.

Also I forgot to show the set up of the Super - Employer additional account. The suggested value are below.

Account set up for: Super - Employer additional

Classification reference: Expense

Apply super: false or blank

Apply leave: false or blank

Default tax code: Super - Employer additional (also set up as per the below values)

Payment deduction type: Blank or Other


Tax code set up for: Super - Employer additional

Classification reference: Liability

BAS classification: Not applicable

PS type: Individual non business

PS gross classification: Not applicable

PS tax classification: Employer super additional contributions (salary sacrifice)


Below is the ATO link that explains that ordinary time earnings is reduced by the salary sacrifice amount.

The ATO link that refers  to the pending legislation to require SGC contributions on the pre salary sacrifice amount.