Software support and tutorials

We have produced a range of support resources, guides and tutorials to help you get started with and improve your usage of Free Accounting Software.

Whether you are a new business owner or just switching to new accounting software, you will find that these tutorials not only help with how to use our accounting software but also help with improving your accounting practices.

If you're doing it right your accounting practices should support you in running your business and managing it. It shouldn't be that time consuming or difficult. All the tutorials are very short and focus on a specific topic so that you can watch or read them as needed.

On the left of this page are links to the various tutorials. If you are new to Free Accounting Software, start with the install guides and getting started video.

Taxation and GST guides

In addition to how to use the software we have also published some accounting guides to help you with taxation and GST issues. These guides are based on the accounting and taxation issues that often arise with our clients and users.