Machine credential (previously AUS key)

The AUS key is retiring on 31 March. This tutorial shows how to set up the new version of FAS 3 Desktop to use the new Machine Credential which replaces the AUS key.

How to Install a Machine Credential

The AUS key is retiring on 31 March. We are releasing a new version which uses the replacement to the AUS key, the Machine Credential.

We've delayed a little on releasing an upgrade that uses the new Machine Credential as we want to release a new version with a lot of new features in addition to the new Machine Credential.

There is a guide published by the ATO on how to do this:

1. The first step is to set up your My Gov ID. This is not in the video.

2. Next you log into the website. When you get to the manage credentials page you will be prompted to install a browser extension (aka extension or plugin). Restart the browser and enable the plugin.

3. Then go back the the manage credentials page and click the Create Machine Credential button. Choose a file, password and give it a name. Then download. Also make sure you keep the file secure as mentioned on the page.

At this point you have the Machine Credential.

4. Then just go to the FAS 3 Desktop configure page and point it to the Machine credential.

Then just lodge as normal. Happy days!