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Jon Searle
Data Analysis, Presentation
21 August 2016
With over 20 years of experience in the data and information management space, Jon has delivered projects across many industries including Telecommunications, Retail, Finance, Utilities, Logistics, and Government. Jon has deep knowledge of major database technologies like Oracle, SQL Server, AWS Redshift and IBM Netezza as well as the major business intelligence technologies like SAP Business Objects, Microsoft and Tableau.

Jon has delivered many projects across data warehousing and business intelligence, including data modelling, data integration, ETL, data management, and dashboard design. With extensive experience in solving complex technical challenges and representing data in such a way to support effective decision making. He has expertise in Agile Scrum, and in working across the SDLC. Jon is comfortable dealing with personnel at all levels of an organisation, ensuring that business goals are accurately understood ensuring that his techical solutions help the business achieve its goals. Jon is particularly adept at designing solutions that serve immediate tactical needs while remaining aligned with the strategic architecture.

Jon’s technical skills include understanding complex requirements and using established techniques with novel approaches. He is a strong lateral thinker, with exceptional data modelling skills. Jon is experienced in data modelling with 3rdNF, event driven, Data Vault and Kimball dimensional modelling and warehouse development techniques. Jon has extensive hands on experience in Microsoft, SAP Business Objects, and Tableau, as well as in languages such as Java, Python, Unix Shell and C++..

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