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Iwan Kelaiah
CG Artist, Programmer and 3D Simulation Developer
22 February 2012
Iwan Kelaiah is a research assistant in the Computing department with broad experience in developing interactive simulations at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He received his PhD in 2011, from Macquarie University, where he spent 4 years in researching the impacts of visual complexity of learning materials in Virtual Reality-based learning. His interests are in development of immersive learning system and Virtual Reality-based training. Alongside his PhD, he is also working as a freelancer digital artist and software developer, which range from book, 3D learning manual, and various applications by using a Blender 3D, Unity3D, GIMP, Python, and statistical language R.

Iwan Kelaiah is also working on various projects that re-create live mission critical training in immersive simulations with CoginWheel Pty. Ltd. Sydney, Australia. He is acting as lead digital artist, which involve modelling, texturing and animation, and programmer.

Iwan Kelaiah also actively involved in community outreach in teaching computer graphics and was awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding service to outreach activities by Macquarie University in 2009. In the following year, he was awarded with Commendable Review and Excellent Presentation at Ninth Macquarie Computing Doctoral Conference.