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Justin Bruce
09 October 2014
I am currently employed as Senior Account Director at BlueFrog Marketing, developing strategic marketing plans and managing integrated communications campaigns for a variety of clients. Previously I held the position of National Marketing Manager for a leading online marketing company, Webfirm ( and Account manager at Websavvy Adwords Agency. Before this I was the director of JB Design, a graphic design agency servicing SME’s with creative solutions both on and offline.

Armed with 15 years industry experience, a bachelor of Arts degree, Master’s of Marketing and certificates in Business management and Graphic Design, I believe that I am well equipped to advise and can demonstrate entrepreneurial successes and failures proving a well rounded academic and practical education. In a past life I ran a fashion label, an art gallery, a cafe and a magazine. I know what it’s like to build a small business, but that’s a whole other story.

The marketing principals I have learned and practiced along the way are transferable across all industries, however, recognising that every problem is unique, I am always prepared to listen and learn so please feel free to call for a friendly chat, no cost and non obligation, 0417 305 228