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I am a sole trader just starting out. I wanted to be able to do as much bookkeeping as possible as i figured it would help me learn how my business works and not waste too much money until i got it up and running. Free Accounting Software has been great.

I was one of those who were sceptical about it being free - especially when it comes to something as speciallised and important as company finances. But knowing it has been developed and continues to be supported by an Australian company (who are CPA's) as well as having direct links into the ATO and their new Standard Business Reporting has put my mind at rest. I feel these are key points in helping to establish legitimacy and accountability.

As a novice i have found FAS to be simple and intuative. When i have had a problem it has been resolved in a timely and friendly manner. Being able to talk directly to someone from FAS has been very reassuring.

I am still asounted at the software and service provided by FAS... FREE! It not only allows me to access my accounts from anywhere, it also does BAS!... that rocks!

Thanks Glen, Hopefully i will be in a position to need the full range of services offered by your company and help to reward you for your support and development of the Free Accounting Software.

Kind Regards, Andrew Perry - RetroMatic

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