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Free Accounting Software Forum - How can I delete and account that has had previous transations on it?

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I have an unwanted account on my chart of accounts in FreeAccounting. It is called, “Product Selling Creditors” and was originally created and assigned the account class, “liability”.
I have since changed the account class to, “contr-to-equity”, simply because I don’t want to see it again on my balance sheet. It has a zero balance, but can’t be deleted because there has been at least one previous transaction on it. There has been no significant transactions using this account and I would like to remove it if possible.
Hi Shaun,

You cannot delete an account that has had a previous transaction, even if the transaction has been edited and changed to another account.

The reason is that the system stores audit information and to maintain integrity the account cannot be deleted. The same applies to a measurable, tax code or identifier (customer/supplier/employee).

The reason that the zero shows up on the P&L and or Balance Sheet is that the system uses aggregate tables so that the P&L and Balance Sheet can generate very fast. So basically it sees that the account balance is zero but it does not know if there is a +/- that adds to zero so it prints the link.

One way around it may be to edit the account and change it to an account that you may need in future but have not used yet. If there is already an account for that thing you could delete that account first (if not used).



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