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I'm a sole trader and needed a low-cost OR free solution to track GST movement from purchases and sales with appropriate account naming. I know that this freeaccounting cannot be compared with other commercial packages, but it gives me just what I need. This web-application saves me hours from manually calculating and tracking GST for BAS. Thank you Glen, I am very happy with the phone support too.
Thanks Iwan. Although I would not normally respond to a testimonial, I do want to say that it's my objective to make Free Accounting Software better than the commercial packages. If you compare the features you may find that most of the commercial packages do not have:
1. SBR Activity Statements for online lodgement.
2. Auto emailing of pdf invoices and remittances. (Auto means you do not need to configure/connect your own PC's email).
3. Allow reconciliations of every account and keep all the historical reconciliations.
4. They are not easy to use and require training before you can use them effectively.

I am finding a lot of people think that if it's easy to use then it must lack features. This is not the case.
Hi Glen,

You're right, the more I use, the more I feel that it gives me more than other packages, within a simple user Interface. I've been using those "send email" button after creating invoices. That one button saves me from [1] downloading the invoice, [2] preview the invoice, [3] launch thunderbird, [4] add attachment in thunderbird, [5] click send button, and [6] close thunderbird.

The history of reconciliation is a big plus. If it is easy to use then it must be in plain English. It is easy to use.

Yes, people think that easy (or even free) must be lacing in features but in my projects I've been using a number of free ( and open source) application, but very useful. Freeaccountingsoftware is one of them. Thank you Glen.


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